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enhancing value

Enhancing Value for Your Customers

I believe the most basic definition of marketing is: the steps a company takes to enhance the perceived value of their offering. There are a myriad of techniques a good marketer will use to enhance value. In this article I will focus on those techniques and ideas that will create […]

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logo design

Effective Logo Design Part 2 Great Logo Design

This is part two of the logo design series. In the first post on logo design I talked about the technical side of logo design; the right formats and tools to use. In this article I will talk about the actual design, the look, of an effective logo. If you […]

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internal marketing

The Marketing Area Most Companies Forget: Internal Marketing

Usually when people talk about marketing it’s based around the things a company does facing outwards, like advertising or packaging. Marketing though is much more than just those things that everyone sees so easily, in fact an argument can be made that the best best marketing is rarely seen as […]

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