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The Power of Value Based Marketing

In today’s markets people care about one thing: Value. Are they getting the value they want from the their purchases? Do they feel like they are coming out on top? I help you increase the perceived value of your products and services. I do that by helping you optimize the way you exchange, communicate, create and deliver value to your customers. With the Tetravive method your audience will see your offering as more valuable, which will result in greater sales for you.

The Science of Team Management

As a formally trained and experienced Industrial and Organizational Psychology practitioner, I can help companies increase their productivity through science-based practices. Each idea I coach on is backed by decades of research into the psychology of leadership, followership, and flourishing at work. I conduct leadership coaching, signature strength coaching for teams, and remote or hybrid work optimization to help your company reach new heights of success.

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Value Adding Services

Customer Service Coaching

We'll help you find the little things that will make a big impression on your customers. Whether it's increased contact with your customers, to an improved slogan. Your customers will love the change.

Web Presence Boost

We'll help you establish, or grow, a web presence for your company that will attract and help retain more customers to your company.

Targeted Advertising

We'll help you better target your advertising so you get a greater return on your investment. We'll also help you make your message more attractive to your audience.

Sales Coaching

Learn the science and art of the sale. We'll teach you and your staff the right phrases to use, how to close deals, and how to follow through for the boost in sales that you need.

Marketing Planning

We'll create an effective marketing plan to take your business through years of easier growth. We can even coach you on it's implementation with regular training sessions.

Graphic Design

From logos to business cards, and web sites to brochures, our graphic design services will help you make the right impression.

25, 07, 2018Zach Hicken

What is value marketing?

Value marketing is a marketing approach that pre supposes that people make purchases because they view an inherent value in an offering. They see the value of the offering as being higher than the value of the money or time they have to give in exchange for the offering. In […]

25, 09, 2018Zach Hicken

Best Ways for Sales People to do Marketing

About two weeks ago I met with a prospective client, I’ll call him Bill (not his real name). Bill is a sales person for a large company and he wants to increase his sales. He has attended several trainings and seminars on how to cold call, the language to use, […]

24, 09, 2018Zach Hicken

How to Create Marketing Personas

Every time we talk about marketing we talk about how everything has to come back to an understanding of the customer. One of the most effective ways to do make your marketing efforts revolve around the customer is to build marketing personas. Some people talk about sales personas, they are […]

30, 08, 2018Zach Hicken

Enhancing Value for Your Customers

I believe the most basic definition of marketing is: the steps a company takes to enhance the perceived value of their offering. There are a myriad of techniques a good marketer will use to enhance value. In this article I will focus on those techniques and ideas that will create […]

16, 08, 2018Zach Hicken

Effective Logo Design Part 2 Great Logo Design

This is part two of the logo design series. In the first post on logo design I talked about the technical side of logo design; the right formats and tools to use. In this article I will talk about the actual design, the look, of an effective logo. If you […]

09, 08, 2018Zach Hicken

Effective Logo Design Part 1 Technical Demands of Good Design

I’ve worked with a lot of logos over the years, some were really well done, others….well….were less than impressive. In this two part post I’ll go over what makes ¬†good logo design and things every business owner should avoid. In this part we’ll look at the technical side of logo […]

08, 08, 2018Zach Hicken

The Marketing Area Most Companies Forget: Internal Marketing

Usually when people talk about marketing it’s based around the things a company does facing outwards, like advertising or packaging. Marketing though is much more than just those things that everyone sees so easily, in fact an argument can be made that the best best marketing is rarely seen as […]
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