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If you ask most businesspeople what the four areas of marketing are they will most likely rattle-off the four Ps; price, product, promotion, placement. The four Ps served the product centric view of business that started in the 1950s. Modern customers are no longer impressed with that view. Businesses that want to keep growing have to keep up with the expectations of more modern demands.

Today people crave, and even demand, overarching value. That means that effective marketing has had to evolve to keep customers thrilled. The Tetravive method focuses on enhancing your value in four areas: Exchanging, Communicating, Creating and Delivering. These areas apply to the relationships we have with customers as well as with our employees.

Exchanging Value

In Marketing

Ultimately every interaction is an exchange of value. The customer gives money, a social share, time, a review or any number of other items of value to a business. You give your product or service. If the customer feels like they came out on top then they will see doing business with you as a profitable, or in other words valuable to them. I help you increase the value of your offering, usually with little strategic tweaks, so your customers become your fans.

In Management

The days of providing a paycheck as the only value of working are gone. When employers provide the other things people need, including safety, development opportunities, and life-balance, employees are willing to exchange loyalty and greater-than-expected production.

Communicating Value

In Marketing

What you provide will only have value if it’s noticed. The details of your value are generally only perceived by your audience if you effectively communicate them. I help you target and perfect your communication to both current customers and prospective customers so they will yearn to do business with you.

In Management

A team can only be as good as their communication. When managers understand what should be communicated, and how to do it, it helps each team member perform their tasks more effectively. Providing channels for team members to communicate with managers allows managers to do their jobs better. I coach teams to improve their communication so they can be more focused and in-sync with each other.

Creating Value

In Marketing

What you create is your product or service. Most of the time even a small, easy change can make it vastly more valuable. I will give expert advice to help you create true value for your customers. As customers see more value from your offering, they will respond by giving you more business.

In Management

Do your employees see working for you as valuable? Or is it just a job so they can pay their bills? In most cases, it only takes small changes to redefine a simple job into a valuable career opportunity. I coach business leaders on how to identify and implement the changes that can redefine the work environment.

Delivering Value

In Marketing

People are deeply interested in how they receive a product or service, experience is king. I help businesses deliver their product in such a way that customers will be wowed.

In Management

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. Your relationship with your employees follows this standard. Often by making small changes to the way you deliver information, ideas, or rules you completely elevate the whole relationship.

The Tetravive Philosophy

In today’s markets people care about one thing: Value. Are they getting the value they want from the their purchases? Do they feel like they are coming out on top? At Tetravive I help you increase the perceived value of your products and services. I do that by helping you optimize the way to exchange, communicate, create and deliver value to you customers. With Tetravive the perceived value of your product or service will be enhanced.

Value Adding Services

Customer Service Coaching

We'll help you find the little things that will make a big impression on your customers. Whether it's increased contact to an improved slogan, your customers will love the change.

Web Presence Boost

We'll help you establish or grow a web presence for your company that will attract and help retain customers for you.

Targeted Advertising

We'll help you target your advertising so you get a great return on your investment. We'll also help you make your message more riveting

Sales Coaching

Learn the science and art of the sale. We'll teach you and your staff the right phrases to use, how to close and how to follow through for the boost in sales that you need.

Marketing Planning

We'll create an effective marketing plan to take your business through years of easier growth. We can even coach you on it's implementation with regular training sessions.

Graphic Design

From logos to business cards, and web sites to brochures our graphic design work will help you make the right impression.

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