Ad Planning and Targeting

Every business owner knows that getting the word out about their services or products is absolutely vital. However the majority of them aren’t really sure what the best method is for their business. As sales people from the various media groups come by to sell advertising they use many terms that sound sophisticated and important, top of mind awareness (TOMA) and cost per impression (CPI) are the most commonly used phrases. How do you, as a business owner know what’s important to your business and how do you know if either of those measures are really the ones you should be using?

Get Targeted

We believe that your advertising should do more than just shout out your name, it should increase the value of your offering. Once people start valuing your offering higher then they will naturally want to make a purchase. When advertising is done right it communicates to exactly the right people and conveys exactly the message they need and want to hear. Good advertising will give your offering a strong attraction to your target audience. We accomplish that ideal in two ways; first we make sure the message is crafted correctly, second we make sure it is delivered to the right people in the right way.

Crafting the right advertising message

We will review your existing message or create a new one for you. We’ll guide you in substituting effective words for overused and tired ones. We help you use terminology that will resonate with your audience so your message engenders attraction and excitement.

Many business owners use “industry speak”, which are words and phrases that they understand but that their customers may not. We help you replace that language with terminology that is more readily understood. We also help you eliminate tired buzz words that may convey the wrong impression.

Reaching the Right Audience

Every group of people have a place where they can be reached, that does not mean however that all people can be reached in the same place or through the same channels. Choosing between internet banner ads, radio spots, tv spots, newspapers and magazines or any of the other myriad of channels is of utmost importance. Choosing the right channels will save you lots of money and will also make your ads more effective.

We can help you choose the right mediums for your advertising using our experience and several tools at our disposal. The investment you make with Tetravive to review your advertising will certainly net you greater profits. So get in touch with us today for free quote for our advertising planning and targeting.

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