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Do you have a plan of exactly how you will grow your business over the next year, or five years. The marketing plan will have exactly how you will increase the perceived value of your company within your market. Our marketing consulting services will provide you with a solid marketing plan that will include how you will increase the value of your company by focusing on four areas; Communicating, Creating, Delivering and Exchanging value. It will also analyze and rate how well your competitors are doing.

Basic Package

One hour initial consultation

Basic SWAT Analysis

Four Areas of Value

Written Marketing Plan

Personal Support Available
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Coaching Package

One Hour Initial Consultation

Full SWAT Analysis

Four Areas of Value

Written Marketing Plan

Weekly Coaching for 6 months

Monthly Plan Review/Update

One Hour Training for Your Staff

Discounted Rates on
Graphic Design Services


Managed Package

One Hour Initial Consulation

Full SWAT Analysis

Four Areas of Value

Written Marketing Plan

Weekly Reporting for 6 months

Monthly Plan Review and Update

Monthly Trainings with Key Staff

Graphic Design Services

 All Marketing Collateral Provided

All Contact with Advertisers

marketing consulting graphSWOT Analysis

This is where most marketing plans should start and where our marketing consulting begins. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Many business owners have a hard time with this step because entrepreneurs are naturally optimistic, so they tend to play up their strengths and opportunities and downplay their weaknesses and threats. We can help you clearly define every aspect of the SWOT, this will help you know exactly where your business is today. With a good grasp on what’s happening today you can properly prepare for tomorrow.

Enhancing Value

Our core principle is that every business should focus on four areas of improvement, the whole marketing plan should be about enhancing the way you communicate, create, exchange and deliver value to your customers. The marketing consulting Tetravive can deliver to you will guide you on how to do just that. We build the plan in steps, this makes it easy to implement and contributes to the power of the plan.

Managed Marketing Consulting

One of the options we provide is a managed marketing consulting. This service is perfect for the entrepreneur that either doesn’t want to get involved in the marketing more than they have to or for those who are just too busy delivering their product or service that they don’t have time left to get their marketing done. Tetravive will create the marketing plan for you and then will implement the plan for you. We’ll place the ads, we’ll get the flyers done, we’ll send out the email blasts, we’ll manage the web page updates, and everything else in the plan. This plan is more expensive, but in the end it delivers everything you need.

Marketing Coaching

Are you more of a hands on kind of person but just need some reminders and guidance? This plan may be a good choice for you. We’ll deliver the written marketing plan and then set up coaching calls to help you keep on track. The calls can be scheduled to be weekly, every two weeks or monthly based on your schedule and budget. During each call we will talk about the next step of implementing the marketing plan. Key members of your team will get involved on the calls so that everyone gets the training they need.

Marketing Plan Delivered

This is a very popular option, we develop the plan for you and deliver it in writing. We will go over the plan with you in person, answering any questions you may have and providing training to you and your team. From there our contact is on an “as needed” basis, you just call if you get stuck or need a little extra support on implementing the plan. This style of marketing consulting let’s you focus on what you’re good at while do the stuff that we’re good at.

Marketing Plan Second Opinion

If you have already developed your plan and just want a second opinion from an expert, then this is the service for you. We will review your completed plan and will help you find ways to improve it, or we’ll simply tell you that it looks great! Either way, you will be able to proceed with confidence, knowing that your marketing plan is the best it could be. We can even provide you with a free template that you can use to build your plan. Ask for your free template here.

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