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Today’s customers crave an amazing experience doing business with you. Handing them a product, simply doing the basic service the pay for isn’t enough to guarantee a repeat purchase or result in a referral. Customer service can help enhance your company’s reputation in all four areas of value. The great news is that it usually doesn’t take much to turn an acceptable business interaction into an amazing one.

Does your customer service have the “wow” factor?

Imagine for moment that you went into a bakery and asked for a cupcake. The person at the counter takes you money and hands you a cupcake with a little frosting in a plain paper cup. The person gave you exactly what you asked, you got no more and no less than you paid for, all in all the transaction would be considered fair. But would you be wowed? Would you send your friends to that bakery for a cupcake?

Now imagine that you were handed the cupcake in the picture to the left. It looks like a huge upgrade from the cupcake described above. The frosting is whipped up into a pretty design. It has sprinkles and a fancy cup. What do you think the difference in cost is to make a plain cupcake vs a cupcake like the one pictured? Maybe 2-3 cents? Maybe even less.

Customer Service: From Plain to Amazing

Customer service is one of the ways you can dress up your offering. Good customer service isn’t hard to train or implement, usually it just take a little guidance and some reminders. That’s where Tetravive comes in. We can help you take your customer service from plain to amazing with some simple and targeted methods and techniques.

Take your customer service from plain to amazing
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